Ifeoluwatofunmi Opaleye : University Of Beira Interior, Portugal

Student: Ifeoluwatofunmi Opaleye

Tofunmi expresses their Erasmus story:
I landed in Lisbon on September 16th, 2022. I initially had some challenges because I had to learn how to speak in a new language and handle my own finances (I barely knew how much a bus ticket cost at this point) The first few weeks were undoubtedly difficult for me, but they also taught me a lot about who I am and helped me grow in a variety of other ways. I never imagined I would be able to overcome these difficulties on my own. I can now see it as a life-long learning experience as well as a tremendous challenge that I cherished and relished every second of. I’ve been asked to sum up the past few months, but the truth is that there are no words that can adequately capture the Erasmus experience. You must go through it! I can only advise you to get ready for losing yourself in the moment, engaging in nonstop conversations for days and nights, discovering that you actually enjoy foods you never thought you would, learning about so many unimaginable places that it feels like a dream, and celebrating the nights you won’t remember with the people you won’t forget. With Erasmus, I was able to travel to amazing new locations while simultaneously saving money by staying with my new friends. Erasmus has provided me with numerous opportunities because it has given me access to global knowledge and contacts with individuals all around the world. No matter how many words I use, they will never be enough to adequately convey how thankful I am to have had this experience. In a nutshell, it was a momentous experience that I will forever cherish. Once erasmus always erasmus ❤