Global Exchange

What is Bilateral Exchange Program?

Bilateral Exchange Program is an exchange program which is special for Haliç University. The main purpose of the program is to enable students to study at prestigious universities in non-European countries as exchange students for one semester.

What is the Purpose of the Bilateral Exchange Program?

In line with the internationalization strategies of our university, the Erasmus and Exchange Programs Coordinatorship attaches great importance to cooperation between institutions. It is aimed to create a global wealth at our University with bilateral agreements that provide our students with world-class learning and education opportunities.

Erasmus and Exchange Programs Coordinatorship aims to develop new partnerships around the world and strengthen existing ones and in line with this goal, in addition to 160 inter-institutional Erasmus Agreements in 27 different European countries, international bilateral agreements have been signed between Haliç University and prestigious universities in many countries of the world. Our short-term goals include gradually increasing the number of collaborations with successful institutions in countries outside Europe, such as the USA, Canada, Latin America, Asia Pacific, Central Asia, Russia, and North/South Africa.

With the bilateral cooperation established between the prestigious universities of the mentioned countries, opportunities for overseas experience are developing and intercultural interaction is gradually increasing. Thanks to the Bilateral Exchange Program, our students will be able to experience different education systems and make a profit in terms of personal development and career.