Berkin Kulaç: Conservatorio di Musica “Giuseppe Martucci” di Salerno, Italy

Student: Berkin Kulaç

I can’t even decide where to start… Every single day I’ve spent on my mobility has at least deserves their own page… Yet I’ll try to be more conclusive. I was so lucky to contact and meet new people as soon as I arrived. Met some of my best friends for life there and built so many connections and relationships with people all around the world. Now I have free accommodation no matter which country I go!

I also managed to focus on my studies. I was trying to keep balance of social life and studies and it took a lot of effort. I met so many internationally famous artists and got to get lessons from them. Attended masterclasses, gave concerts on big venues, worked and made connections with big people in business. Also got a few promises of suggestion letters here and there.

Got to taste how it feels to live, sleep, eat, talk and enjoy the life like Italians do. It was such a life changing experience to live as a regular citizen. Also got to meet so many more cultures and nationalities.

This experience healed my mentally and built up courage upon me for my personality and my academic/professional persona. Now I have a clearer vision about my life and career. No matter how many words I use I wont be able to express amount of satisfaction and gratefulness. I felt blessed…”