Incoming Students

Haliç University enables student exchange in and outside Turkey with the exchange programs via contractual institutions.


Haliç University gives incoming students the opportunity to study as exchange students for one and/or two academic semesters.

Eligibility Criteria

To apply to Haliç University as an Erasmus+ student, you should firstly check if your home university have an active Erasmus+ Inter-institutional Agreement in the relevant field of study.

Firstly you have to be nominated by your home university to study at Haliç University for one semester or one academic year.

If the home university does not have a Bilateral Agreement, then the Erasmus Office at your home university can send us a collaboration proposal within the Erasmus+ Exchange Program.

Online Application

After nomination e-mail from your Home University, you are required to submit your online application.

Along with your online application form, you should send the following documents as well:

Official Transcript of Records (PDF)
A document that shows an English proficiency of min. B2 level. (This document can be an internationally recognized exam result or a statement issued by the home university.) (PDF)
Learning Agreement approved by the Erasmus Coordinator at the home university (PDF)
Copy of passport (PDF)
One photo (JPEG)

Once you've submitted your application through our form and you have been accepted, Haliç Erasmus+ Office will send you an acceptance letter and explain the next steps for your Erasmus+ mobility.


The documents required before the mobility are as below:

• Learning Agreement for Studies
• Student Visa: You should apply to student visa as soon as you get your acceptance.
• Student Health Insurance.
(Some countries – Germany, France, Belgium, Netherlands and Austria – have mutual agreements with Turkey. Students from these countries do not need to get health insurance here. However, they have to provide an official letter from their home country`s insurance services and get it approved at the Social Security Office in Turkey)

Once you arrive to Haliç University, the first contact will be with Erasmus Office, and you will fill the online registration.

During your firsts 2 weeks, you will be able to select your courses on the online system and you will have the right to make some changes on your Learning Agreement.
If you wish to change some of your courses, please note that you should do it within 4 weeks after your arrival. You can to add or drop your courses, by filling the During the Mobility Selection of Learning Agreement and by getting the approval you’re your home university departmental coordinator.


During your stay at Haliç University you will be required to apply for Residence Permit. All the exchange students are required to apply for a residence permit within one month following their arrival in Turkey. Erasmus Office will be helping you in this process and get your application online and you should submit requested documents to the Directorate General of Migration Management yourself with the given dates.

Please bring the documents listed below to Erasmus Office to get your online Application done:
Health insurance (can be registered and pay on campus)
Student Certificate (provided by the Student Affairs Office, in Turkish)
4 Passport -sized photographs


After the Mobility Agreement
Transcript of Records
Confirmation of Stay
Leaving Request Form