Student Mobility for Traineeship

Student Mobility for Traineeship

Under Learning Mobility of Individuals (Key Action 1), students at higher education institutions holding a valid Erasmus Charter for Higher Education (ECHE) can spend an internship period (minimum 60 days)  in an enterprise or organization in another program country to develop hands on work experience in the occupational field relevant to their study area.

The scope of the enterprise or the organization where a student makes internship should be directly related to study area of the student and contribute her/him by providing practical work experience. In this regard, Erasmus student mobility for traineeship cannot be used for research assignments and analysis purposes for the study area.

You have to follow application dates and compelete online application to participate in Traineeship Mobility.



Undergraduate and graduate students can be eligible to benefit from Erasmus traineeship (internship) mobility as long as they meet the below conditions and submit their applications by the deadline stated on this call:

The applicants must have arranged a full-time internship (30 hours per week) at an approved company/organization in one of the program countries.

Recent higher education graduates may participate in Erasmus traineeship mobility as long as they apply before they graduate and must carry out and complete their traineeship abroad within one year of obtaining their graduation.

The eligibility criteria for applicants are the below:

Undergraduate students must have a minimum grade of 2.20/4.00 cumulative GPA and graduate students a minimum grade of 2.50/4.00 cumulative GPA. The grades taken into consideration will be those of the transcript provided during the time of application.

The students who benefited from Erasmus study or placement mobility before can also apply to this call. Students have to make sure that the total length of mobility should not exceed the deadline announced by the Erasmus Office.

EVALUATION | Calculation of the students total Erasmus grade takes place through:

Academic Performance (GPA) 50%
Language Proficiency 50% (Students can only use the same score of an exam for 2 times in 2 years.)
Previous participation in the Erasmus Program within current study level -10 points
Students with disabilities +10 points
Children of martyrs and veterans +15 points
Disable students +10 points
Students under protection as asserted by the Law no. 2828 of Social Services +10 points
Participation in Erasmus Program in the country of nationality -10 points
Previous participation in the Erasmus Program within current study level: -10 points

Students are ranked in their departments according to their total Erasmus grade, as and replacements. Replacement students can be added into the primary list only if one of the primary students decides to cancel his or her application. The results are determined by an official Exchange and Placement Commission.


Students applying for internship mobility are required to find an internship place with their own connections.The institution where you want to do an internship may be in any of the countries included in the Erasmus program. It is necessary to inform the institutions where you want to do an internship that you want to participate in the Erasmus + Internship Mobility by writing a letter of motivation along with your CV. If you receive positive feedback, you should request an ‘Acceptance Letter’. Students who get nominated will be given a deadline to submit their their Acceptance Letter to Erasmus Office.


Students may be awarded an Erasmus grant to help cover their living expenses during their mobility period. Grant payment is subject to the amount of applications received, potential destination of the applicants and availability of funds from the Turkish National Agency.

The amount of monthly grants is announced By Turkish National Agency and, are divided in three groups as below:

Groups According to Living Costs
Name of Countries
Monthly Erasmus Grants for Study Mobility
Group 1/2 Program Countries with Higher Living Costs

Denmark, Ireland, France, Austria, Finland, Sweden, Liechtenstein, Norway, Italy, Belgium, Germany, Greece, Spain, Cyprus, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Portugal, Iceland, Malta

750 Euro
Group 3 Program Countries with Medium Living Costs
Bulgaria, Czechia, Estonia, Latvia, Croatia, Lithuania, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia
600 Euro

The total amount is calculated in base of the months and days of exchange done.

The grant is paid in two mainly instalments:

The first instalment which cover the 80% of the total amount is paid before the arrival in the hosting University.

The second instalment, which is the 20% remaining is paid after the student returns and after the delivery of all the document required, and on the condition that the applicant must take 30 ECTS lessons and 2/3 of these courses must be completed successfully.

BEFORE THE MOBILITY | Required Documents

Before the mobility period, participants should follow the steps listed below and submit the necessary documents to the Erasmus Office.

Please be aware that a majority of this paperwork will require a signature and stamp from a relevant departmental or institutional coordinator either at Haliç or at your host university. Therefore, it is important that you allow yourself the appropriate time to complete the paperwork.

Learning Agreement for Traineeship

The purpose of the Learning Agreement is to provide a transparent and efficient preparation of the traineeship period abroad and to ensure that the trainee will receive recognition in his/her degree for the traineeship successfully completed abroad.

• Student Visa: You should apply to student visa for Erasmus Traineeship. If you need a letter from us, please let us know, we will prepare it for you before your visa appointment. Once you get your visa, please don’t forget to send a copy of it to Erasmus Office.

Comprehensive Travel Health Insurance: Please be careful to have a Comprehensive Travel Health Insurance. The insurance should have the health, accident and liability insurance coverages.

Euro Bank Account: Students should open a EURO bank account at Vakıfbank and send the bank account details to the Erasmus Office. The bank details we require to pay your grant must be Vakıfbank euro bank account.

• Grant Agreement: The grant agreement is signed by Haliç University and the student before the beginning of the mobility.

• Online Language Assessments: Erasmus+ participants must take the assessment twice — before and at the end of their mobility period — in order to monitor their progress in the language of mobility. The online test assesses participants' language skills - listening, reading and writing - according to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). Students must complete the First Language Assessment before the mobility to assess their language competences. For the students who will participate in Erasmus+ program, taking the OLS language assessment before their departure is a pre-requisite.

• Online Language Courses: After taking the first language assessment, participants will have the opportunity to take language courses for free. For more information regarding Online Linguistic Support.


The host institution during the mobility could change students mansions, for any change the participant should fill the During the Mobility Section of Learning Agreement


After the Mobility Section of Learning Agreement
Certificate of the Confirmation of stay
Passport photocopies (exit and entry stamps)
Mobility Tool Final Report which will be sent by mail by the Erasmus+ Commission. The student is invited to fill the report within the 30 days after the Mobility