Staff Mobility for Training

Staff Mobility for Training​

Staff Mobility for Training is the area of activity which enables staff of higher education institutions holding an Erasmus University Charter (EUC) to spend a period of training between a minimum of 2 working days and a maximum of 6 working days at a higher education institute or an enterprise in one of the EU member countries.

Interested academic and administrative staff can apply.

As part of the online application you must complete, the below required documents:

• Official Invitation Letter from the Host University,
• Training Mobility Agreement signed and stamped by all the sides.

Who can Apply?

Full-time Staff of Haliç University.


Participants may be awarded an Erasmus grant to help cover their living expenses during their mobility period. Grant payment is subject to the amount of applications received, potential destination of the applicants and availability of funds from the Turkish National Agency. Please note that Erasmus grants are only contribution, meaning may not suffice for all your expenses and participants are responsible for their own living expenses during the exchange.

Amount of daily individual grants and of the travel support based on distance between the partner institutions are announced by Turkish National Agency:

Groups according to Living Costs
Name of Countries
Daily Erasmus Grant
Group 1 Program Countries

Denmark, Ireland, Sweden, Luxemburg, Finland, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Norway

162 Euro
Group 2 Program Countries
Austria, Belgium, Germany, Spain, Malta, Portugal, France, Italy, Cyprus, Netherlands, Greece
144 Euro
Group 3 Program Countries
Estonia, Croatia, Lithuania, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Latvia, Macedonia, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia,Turkey,Romania
126 Euro
Other Countries
1-4 and 6-13. Region Countries
180 Euro

Total amount you receive is calculated on the basis of days you actually spend in exchange.

The grant is usually paid in two instalments:

• The first installment (80% of the total amount).
• The remaining 20% is paid after the participant returns and upon proper delivery of all the required final mobility documents.
Travel Support can be calculated by using the Distance Calculator:

Calculated Distance between partner institutions:
Amount of Travel Support
Between 100-499 km
180 Euro
Between 500-1999 km
275 Euro
Between 2000-2999 km
360 Euro
Between 3000-3999 km
530 Euro
Between 4000-7999 km
820 Euro
8000 km or more
1,100 Euro


Participants should follow the steps listed below and submit the necessary documents to the International Relations Office. (Please click the title of the document to download it):

• Staff mobility agreement
• Copy of Passport
• Copy of visa
• Euro Bank Account: Participants should open a EURO bank account at Vakıfbank and send the bank account details to the Erasmus+ and Exchange Programmes Office. The bank details we require to pay your grant must be Vakıfbank euro bank account.


Certificate of the Confirmation of stay
Passport photocopies (exit and entry stamps)
Mobility Tool Final Report which will be sent by mail by the Erasmus+ Commission. The student is invited to fill the report within the 30 days after the Mobility