Jakarta Global University : Novejira Angela Pello

I met lots of new people with different backgrounds at Halic University, share stories with each other between countries, have friendly and quite fun lecturers while teaching, and have campus facilities that are very adequate for students.

Every time I go to campus to return home, there are lots of important moments to be captured on camera as unforgettable memories. I really enjoy the views of the city of Istanbul. One of them is the view of the sunset and sunrise in the city of Istanbul, plus unique buildings from every point of view. Some of the mosques I visited in the city of Istanbul were very beautiful, but the one I liked the most was the Hagia Sophia mosque.

The people of Istanbul that I met were really friendly and kind. even though I don’t speak Turkish well, they still treat newcomers well. I have a buddy, he is very kind and always helps me with my studies, without him I would not have met any of the friends whose presence always helps me.