Erasmus+ Staff Mobility for Training – Foro Italico University of Rome

Zişan Baş from the International Office expresses their Erasmus Staff Mobility experience:

“I have completed my Erasmus+ Staff Training Mobility at Università degli Studi di Roma “Foro Italico” in Rome, Italy. It has surely been a very good experience for me in many aspects.

Firstly, seeing the same unit that I work in at a foreign institution and getting the chance to examine their scope of work to compare it with that of mine was very beneficial for me. It helped me realize how similar yet different two units in two different university of different countries could work. With the helpful guide of the host university representatives, I have gotten to learn further about the admission, enrolment, and marketing procedures within their International Office. Making this comparison allowed me to gain a wider scope in my work field and profession.

Apart from several professional insights that I gained; I also had a great cultural experience in Rome. It was my first time in Italy and Rome was the best city to discover Italian culture at first hand. I had a total of four days within the city and spent all my free time wandering around Roman streets and visiting important monuments. I have given a visit to the important historical structures of the Colosseum, Pantheon and the Roman Forum.

Overall, it was a great experience for me both professionally and culturally. I have learnt, seen and discovered a lot, thanks to the Erasmus+ Program.”