Erasmus Policy Statement

Erasmus Policy Statement

Haliç University is a foundation university founded by The Foundation for Our Children with Leukemia pursuant to the Higher Education Law No. 2547 and has started to provide education on November 23, 1998.

As the internationalization is a fundamental, Haliç University provides an international activity that is targeting to have internal and external quality processes in accordance with national and international programs specifically within the framework of the European Higher Education Area by aiming to be an entrepreneurial research university with accredited programmes to improve functionality and sustainability.

Haliç Erasmus is currently bringing strategies forward to pursue the following goals:

  1. To promote the students and stuff to participate in the international mobility
  2. To provide both incoming and outgoing students with an international high-quality education through a broad curriculum
  3. To develop fruitful, well-founded and sustainable international partnerships with appropriate HEIs and other prospective organizations around the world
  4. To reinforce its international relations with academia and other stakeholders
  5. To be involved in projects that benefit society through the world
  6. To increase MoU agreements to clearly state its objectives for future cooperation


Haliç University offers a wide range of undergraduate and graduate programmes in the Engineering, Medicine, Arts and Sciences, Business Administration, Architecture, Conservatory, Sports, and Language Studies while having 160+ existing Erasmus+ agreements within HEI. As a matter of fact, Haliç University Erasmus team works with partners worldwide based on notable academic excellence and an avant-garde attitude towards the education experience that is an important act with the matter of individual practice. It has strong partnerships in Europe, which is hopefully going to be expanded through the whole world on the basis of achieving the aim of being a globalised institution.

With the aim of being a green institution, Haliç University is dramatically focusing on environmental and sustainability concerns and operating consistently with principles of sustainable development through renewable resources, which conduct business to meet the needs without compromising future generations’ ability to live. As of working in an online environment in the office, Erasmu is considered to initiate a sustainable work environment by supposing that it will foster institution longevity as well. This manner includes recycling waste paper, reusing and recycling any potential waste in order to prohibit environmental pollution. Finally, Haliç University gives the assurance that it will protect the environment; help reduce environmental pollution and increase energy efficiency and minimizing climate change.